The philosophy behind BetterTogether

BetterTogether was born after a simple observation : there’s a hell lot of problems out there, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed about it, not knowing where to start to make things better.This is worsened by the very individualistic mindsets that we are encouraged to adopt: it’s so tempting to look the other way! We are encouraged to be more competitive, more selfish, more beautiful, when what we should be doing is encouraging each other to create a better world, to be more compassionate, to care more about our planet, to waste less time on things that don’t matter and spend more doing things that could make a difference.

 People say we have violence in us, that it is human nature, and that it will never change. It all sounds terribly daunting. And it’s true, to a certain extent… But when I look around me, that’s not what I see. I see love everywhere. Despite all the bad, everyday, I keep being inspired by all the love that I see around me. And the more love you have in you the less place you leave for hate. It’s as simple as that.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that, maybe we should stop being so pessimistic and focus on the good instead?

It’s not about being right or wrong anymore. We’re all in this together. Differences are illusions created by fear of the unknown. But whether we want it or not, things are changing. So do we want to keep driving towards the edge of the cliff or do we want to steer the wheel while it is still time ? Are we going to give up so easily ? Look at everything we’ve built, everything we’ve discovered. Would any of these things have been possible if we had just given up when things had gotten difficult ? It’s the same with successful, happy people: they overcome difficulties.

I know, the difficulties facing us are huge ones. Have you ever been depressed, as if you were in a dark hole from which you thought you could never get out of, but you eventually saw the light again? The world is in that dark state right now, in a deep depression that has started a long time ago and has only gotten worse and worse, as a result of a long self-destroying process. And as any depressed person, to continue the metaphor, it needs more than only be constantly reminded of everything it did and still does wrong. It needs to be encouraged. It needs to have someone take its hand and tell it : « Okay, you’ve really fucked up, like, badly. But it’s okay, I still love you and believe in you despite everything. You’re still beautiful to me and I’m ready to help you get better, to get back on your feet. You can count on me to support your healing process. »

That person is you and me, is all the people of the world talking to all the other people of the world and holding their hands and forgiving themselves for fucking up and deciding to do better, to be better, and supporting each other to do that and to create a better world ; a happy one, a loving one.

Yes, the people higher up, the 1 %, the ones who have all the power and money are controlling the planet and taking decisions that are destroying it, but we’re letting them do it. They need us, the 99 %, to do it. So, hating them will not change anything. Let’s concentrate on what we can do, and stop supporting the ways of thinking that they have implanted in us : they’ll slowly lose their power over us without us even needing to fight them. That’s what would happen in a consumerist society without consumers, fear-based political campaigns with fearless citizens or wars without fighters!

So, which side to you want to be one – hate or love?


If you’re on the world’s side, join us and help us spread the word, through small, but mindful and heartfull actions.Whoever you are, wherever you are in your life, you are welcome to take up the challenge with us. Let’s all become better together!

Thank you.


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