First challenge – It’s all about sharing!

Christmas time is almost over, and I’m sure you all got plenty of cool presents – some more useful than others.

Although I’ve always loved how this period is all about getting together and giving, this year, I couldn’t help but thinking about all the people who maybe weren’t as lucky as us, celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve in our warm, comfortable homes and being around our loved ones. I also realize how commercial the whole thing is, and it makes me sick to think about all the stuff that has been brought and will probably end up hidden in a cupboard.

And when you think of it, Christmas shouldn’t be the only time to be giving. Why should we always need a particular reason to do so? That’s why my first challenge for you guys is to pick one or several presents – something you’ve been given, you’ve bought, this year or another, but know you’ll never use, or that you do use sometimes but think it could be more useful to someone else – and go and give it to someone who would really appreciate it. I’m thinking about homeless shelters or refugee centers for example, but the choice is yours. You pick what you give and who you give it to – it may be a stranger on the street or that lonely old lady who lives next door. It’s up to you! 🙂

I hope you’ll enjoy doing it, and don’t forget to share your experience with us – tell us your story, take loads of pictures, videos, anything you want! And remember, this may seem like nothing to you, but it could really make someone’s day. The real present won’t be the object, but the time and effort you took to reach out to someone.


Good luck everyone! And remember: It’s all about sharing! <3



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  1. Une bonne demarche qui, je l’espere, va deboucher sur un grand elan de prise de conscience et de solidarite. Un texte en langue francaise permettrait cependant son acces a un plus grand nombre de personnes.
    Courage Sophie ! … on ne reussit pas toujours du premier coup.

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